ALEF System Access:

Complete your online profile by creating an account. Your email address is your login. You must create a password of at least six (6) characters.

ALEF Registration Form:

Please be careful to check the accuracy of your data.  Name(s), address, social security number(s), etc. must precisely match the way you filed your previous year’s tax return.

ALEF State Validation:

We will upload your application electronically to the Georgia Department of Revenue on the first business day of the new year.

The Department of Revenue will notify you with an approval letter in January or February. If you do not receive a letter from the DOR, please call ALEF at 678-222-3739.

ALEF Confirmation:

Within 60 days of receipt of your approval letter, you may pay by credit card or mail a check to the ALEF Fund at 1440 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30309. ALEF will absorb the credit card fees.

ALEF Donation:

Your tax forms and our thank you letter confirming your payment, are always available online when you log into your Contributor Page

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